Our church supports missionaries around the world. Our purpose in supporting missionaries is to establish churches that preach that God created the world, Jesus is God’s only begotten Son, men are sinners, Jesus provided the only means to save all sinners by His death on the cross, The Holy Spirit is real and at work in our world, and the Holy Bible is the inspired, inerrant word of God and the only basis for determining right and wrong.

We support missionaries with money and prayers. We believe the missionary is accountable to each of his supporting churches, not an organization that recruits and employs him.

We conduct the following missions activities:

  1. Our annual missions conference. Several missionary families are invited to a weekend of special services.
  2. Occasional missionary fellowships. Featuring either a picnic or a meal at the church, these fellowships allow church members to get to know our missionaries personally and develop a deeper interest in missions.
  3. Occasional missionary receptions. Missionaries or students describe their work and are guests at a reception afterwards. Church members especially interested in missions may serve on our missions committee.

Our Missionaries

If you are a missionary seeking our support or have questions regarding missions, contact the church office at office@fbccalvert.org.

Our Missionaries and Their WorksMissionary Contact Information
BARTHEL, Kevin & Pam
Church Planters to Native Americans/Arizona
Email: kevandpamb@gmail.com
Mission Board: BIMI
BRACELIN, Jim & Terry
Silent Word Ministries
Email: bracelin@cleaninter.net
Mission Board: Silent World Ministries
BROWN, John & Jennifer
Support Personnel with Africa Inland Mission International (AIM)
Mission Board: Africa Inland Mission International (AIM)
Military Evangelism in Jacksonville, NCEmail: militaryfellowshipctr@gmail.com
CROTTS, Richard & Joyce
Church Planters in Papua New Guinea
Email: rcrotts@datec.net.pg
Mission Board: BIMI
DOMBROSKY, Mike & Annie
Church Planters in the Dominican Republic
Email: soulsinthedr@gmail.com
Sent by Faith Way Baptist Church, Bellington, WV
DOVE, Rick & Shannon
Church Planters in Costa Rica
Email: rick@reachingcostaricaforchrist.com
Mission Board: BIMI
DUBBE, Dan & Tricia and Renate
Church Planters in Germany
Email: d.dubbe@gmx.de
Mission Board: BIMI
FREEMAN, Dan & Louise
Church Planters in Taiwan
Email: feimushr@ms31.hinet.net
Mission Board: BBFI
GIDEONS InternationalWebsite: www.gideons.org
GRAY, Mike & Barbara
Church Planters in Japan
Email: mgray@teamjapan.org
Mission Board: Team World
HOWELL, Paul & Lois
Church Planters in Honduras
Email: honduras4christ@live.com
Mission Board: BMM
KING, Steve & Gayle
Church Planters in the Ivory Coast, West Africa
Email: sking3756@gmail.com
Website: www.steveandgayleking.com
Mission Board: BMM
LETTS, Ron & Vicki
Church Planters in Australia
Email: ronaldletts@gmail.com
Mission Board: BBFI
LOSNACH, Natal & Sonia
Church Planters in Brazil
Mission Board: CMC
MESTLER, Mike & Gail
Church Planters in Kenya, East Africa
Email: mmestler@gmail.com
Website: www.mestler.org
Mission Board: International Baptist Missions
METZGERS, Ben & Rachelle
Church Planters in Argentina
Email: ben@MetzgerstoArgentina.com
Website: www.metzgerstoargentina.com
Mission Board: BBFI
MOORE, Josh & Annie
Church Planters in Ireland
Missions Board: Central Missionary Clearinghouse
NEVIN, Bryan & Susan
Church Planters in Mexico
Email: Nevin@NevinFamily.com
Website: http://www.nevinfamily.com/
Mission Board: Fellowship International Missions
ROMAINE, Jonathan & Hannah
Church Planters in Spain
Email: RomainsinSpain@gmail.com
Website: www.SpainMissions.com
Mission Board: BMM
SIMPSON, Andy & Lisa
Church Planters in Taiwan
Email: asimpson@ms16.hinet.net
Website: www.bbfi-asia.org/Simpson_A
Mission Board: BBFI
SIMS, Ed & Joyce
Retired Church Planters in Australia
Email: pastasims@hotmail.com
Mission Board: BIMI
STAMPER, Bob & Betty
Retired Church Planters in Kenya, East Africa
Email: bob.stamper@bbfimissions.org
Mission Board: BBFI
STAMPER, Doug & Donna
Church Planters in Kenya, East Africa
Email: doug.stamper@bbfimissions.org
Website: www.TheStampers.org/doug
Mission Board: BBFI
STONE, Jonathan & Angela
Church Planters in Peru
Email: jastone@abwe.cc
Website: www.abweperu.org/jastone
Mission Board: ABWE
WELLS, Joe & Sylvia
Retired Church Planters in Ecuador
Email: JoeWells209@gmail.com
Mission Board: BBFI
WHEELOCK, Ken & Heather
Church Planters in Ecuador
Email: Kjwheelock@gmail.com
Mission Board: Fairfax Baptist Temple
WYNN, John & Christi
Church Planters in the Philippines
Email: wynnjc@gmail.com
Mission Board: CMC