Missionaries We Support

Our Missionaries and Their WorksMissionary Contact Information
Barthel, Kevin & Pam
Church Planters to Native Americans/Arizona
Email: kevandpamb@gmail.com
Mission Board: BIMI
Baltimore Rescue Mission
Bracelin, Jim & Terry
Silent Word Ministries
Email: bracelin@cleaninter.net
Mission Board: Silent World Ministries
Brown, John & Jennifer
Support Personnel with Africa Inland Mission International (AIM)
Mission Board: Africa Inland Mission International (AIM)
Crotts, Richard & Joyce
Church Planters in Papua New Guinea
Email: rcrotts@datec.net.pg
Mission Board: BIMI
Dombrosky, Mike & Annie
Church Planters in the Dominican Republic
Email: soulsinthedr@gmail.com
Sent by Faith Way Baptist Church, Bellington, WV
Dove, Rick & Shannon
Church Planters in Costa Rica
Email: rick@reachingcostaricaforchrist.com
Mission Board: BIMI
Dubbe, Dan & Tricia and Renate
Church Planters in Germany
Email: d.dubbe@gmx.de
Mission Board: BIMI
Freeman, Dan & Louise
Church Planters in Taiwan
Email: feimushr@ms31.hinet.net
Mission Board: BBFI
Gideons InternationalWebsite: www.gideons.org
Gray, Mike & Barbara
Church Planters in Japan
Email: mgray@teamjapan.org
Mission Board: Team World
Howell, Paul & Lois
Church Planters in Honduras
Email: honduras4christ@live.com
Mission Board: BMM
King, Steve
Church Planter in the Ivory Coast, West Africa
Email: sking3756@gmail.com
Website: www.steveandgayleking.com
Mission Board: BMM
Letts, Ron & Vicki
Church Planters in Australia
Email: ronaldletts@gmail.com
Mission Board: BBFI
Losnach, Natal & Sonia
Church Planters in Brazil
Mission Board: CMC
Mestler, Mike & Gail
Church Planters in Kenya, East Africa
Email: mmestler@gmail.com
Website: www.mestler.org
Mission Board: International Baptist Missions
Metzger, Ben & Rachelle
Church Planters in Argentina
Email: ben@MetzgerstoArgentina.com
Website: www.metzgerstoargentina.com
Mission Board: BBFI
Military Evangelism in Jacksonville, NCEmail: militaryfellowshipctr@gmail.com
Moore, Josh & Annie
Church Planters in Ireland
Missions Board: Central Missionary Clearinghouse
Nevin, Bryan & Susan
Church Planters in Mexico
Email: Nevin@NevinFamily.com
Website: http://www.nevinfamily.com/
Mission Board: Fellowship International Missions
Romaine, Jonathan & Hannah
Church Planters in Spain
Email: RomainsinSpain@gmail.com
Website: www.SpainMissions.com
Mission Board: BMM
Shrock, Mike
Simpson, Andy & Lisa
Church Planters in Taiwan
Email: asimpson@ms16.hinet.net
Website: www.bbfi-asia.org/Simpson_A
Mission Board: BBFI
Sims, Ed & Joyce
Retired Church Planters in Australia
Email: pastasims@hotmail.com
Mission Board: BIMI
Stamper, Bob & Betty
Retired Church Planters in Kenya, East Africa
Email: bob.stamper@bbfimissions.org
Mission Board: BBFI
Stamper, Doug & Donna
Church Planters in Kenya, East Africa
Email: doug.stamper@bbfimissions.org
Website: www.TheStampers.org/doug
Mission Board: BBFI
Stone, Jonathan & Angela
Church Planters in Peru
Email: jastone@abwe.cc
Website: www.abweperu.org/jastone
Mission Board: ABWE
Wells, Joe & Sylvia
Retired Church Planters in Ecuador
Email: JoeWells209@gmail.com
Mission Board: BBFI
Wheelock, Ken & Heather
Church Planters in Ecuador
Email: Kjwheelock@gmail.com
Mission Board: Fairfax Baptist Temple
The Wildshttps://wilds.org/
Wynn, John & Christi
Church Planters in the Philippines
Email: wynnjc@gmail.com
Mission Board: CMC