Sunday School

At First Baptist Church, our Sunday school teachers believe that teaching the Bible is a great honor and a solemn responsibility. They are committed to building a solid foundation so that their students can deepen their relationships with Christ and learn the Bible. To aid in teaching these valuable lessons, the Sunday school teachers are equipped with age-appropriate materials from Joyful Life, a Sunday school curriculum produced by Pensacola Christian College.

Not only does each lesson present a Bible story using stimulating visuals, but it also includes basic Bible doctrines, which are made easy for the children to comprehend and remember. As they answer simple questions like Who is Jesus? Who wrote the Bible? and Is all of the Bible true?, children learn the fundamentals of the Christian faith and grow in their knowledge of God and His Word.

First Baptist’s Sunday school classes are broken up into the following age groups:

Nursery » Upstairs
Toddlers » Sunday School Hall
3-4 Year Olds » Sunday School Hall
Kindergarten » Sunday School Hall
1-2 Grades [Primaries] » Sunday School Hall
3-4 Grades [Middlers] » Sunday School Hall
5-6 Grades [Juniors] » Sunday School Hall
Jr. High (7-8 Grades) » Teen Room
Sr. High (9-12) Grades) » Teen Room