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2017 Sermons

DateSermon Title (Verse)SpeakerAudio
12/31 AMHe Was Excited About Christmas (Luke 2:21-35)Pastor NevinSERMON_LINK
12/24 PMCandlelight ServicePastor NevinSERMON_LINK
12/24 AMThe Angelic Announcement (Luke 2:8-20)Pastor NevinSERMON_LINK
12/17 AMChristmas Cantata
"Christmas On The Air"
12/10 AMCame Alive (Luke 2:1-7)Pastor NevinSERMON_LINK
12/03 PMAfrican Missions ReportPastor NevinSERMON_LINK
12/03 AMWhen God Shatters Your Dreams (Matt.1:18-25)Pastor NevinSERMON_LINK
11/26 PMA Woman of Samaria (John 4:7)Kevin BarberSERMON_LINK
11/26 AMReconciled (2Cor. 5:18-21)Pastor NevinSERMON_LINK
11/19 PMThe Christian's Brass Ring (Phil. 3:12-16)Matt AbbergerSERMON_LINK
11/19 AMThe Christian's Treasure Trove (Phil. 3:2-10)Matt AbbergerSERMON_LINK
11/12 PMThe Reward of The Faithful (2Kings 8:1-6)Pastor NevinSERMON_LINK
11/12 AMMotivation for Ministry (2Cor. 5:14-17)Pastor NevinSERMON_LINK
11/05 PMHis Plan is Always Perfect (2 Kings 7)Pastor NevinSERMON_LINK
11/05 AMProclaim The Light of The Gospel (2 Cor. 4:1-6)Pastor NevinSERMON_LINK
10/29 AMYour Walk is Incredibilty Important to God (Eph 2:1-2)Mike ShrockSERMON_LINK
10/29 AMJesus Preaches in NazarethMike ShrockSERMON_LINK
10/28 PMWorking Out (Phi 2)Mike ShrockSERMON_LINK
10/22 PMJesus' Prayer for Us (John 17)Matt AbbergerSERMON_LINK
10/22 AMMolds of a Mature Believer (2 Tim 2:1-8)Matt AbbergerSERMON_LINK
10/15 PMAre You WillingMatt AbbergerSERMON_LINK
10/15 AMQualities of a True Friend (1 Sam 14)Pastor NevinSERMON_LINK
10/08 PMFriends (1 Sam 14)Pastor NevinSERMON_LINK
10/08 AMFinal Qualities of Love (1 Cor 13:6-7)Pastor NevinSERMON_LINK
10/01 PMYeilding to the LordJonathan StoneSERMON_LINK
10/01 AMLove is Not Provoked (1 Cor 13:5)Pastor NevinSERMON_LINK
09/24 PMThis We PrayMatt AbbergerSERMON_LINK
09/24 AMLove Thinketh No Evil (1 C or 13:5)Pastor NevinSERMON_LINK
09/17 PMLord's SupperPastor NevinSERMON_LINK
09/17 AMCharacteristics of Love (1 Cor 13:5)Pastor NevinSERMON_LINK
09/10 PMPiano ConcertDavid MusselmanSERMON_LINK
09/10 AMBuilding a Home (Ps 127)Pastor NevinSERMON_LINK
09/03 AMQualities of Biblical Love (1 Cor 13:4-5)Pastor NevinSERMON_LINK
08/27 PMA Night of Lessons (MK 14:43-52)Pastor NevinSERMON_LINK
08/27 AMQualities of Biblical Love (1 Cor 13:4)Pastor NevinSERMON_LINK
08/20 PMSurviving Babylon (Hab 1:1)Pastor Richard WilsonSERMON_LINK
08/20 AMQualities of Biblical Love (1 Cor 13)Pastor Ralph NevinSERMON_LINK
08/13 PMChampions by Grace (1 Sam 31)
Matt AbbergerSERMON_LINK
08/13 AMThe Eleventh Commandment (Jn 13:34-35)Pastor Ralph NevinSERMON_LINK
08/06 AMThe Roots of Surrender (Judges 19-21)
Matt AbbergerSERMON_LINK
08/06 AMThe Dangers of Surrender (1 Sam 11)Matt AbbergerSERMON_LINK
07/30 AMThe Resurrection of Lazarus (Jn 11)Pastor Ralph NevinSERMON_LINK
07/23 PMTribulation Rapture (Cont.)Pastor Ralph NevinSERMON_LINK
07/23 AMThe Comfort that Comes from Christ (Jn 11)Pastor Ralph NevinSERMON_LINK
07/16 PMWhy We Believe in the Pre-Tribulation Rapture (Cont.)Pastor Ralph NevinSERMON_LINK
07/16 AMMaintain Your Focus on Christ (Jn 11)Pastor Ralph NevinSERMON_LINK
07/09 PMWhy We Believe in the Pre-Tribulation RapturePastor Ralph NevinSERMON_LINK
07/09 AMSpring Cleaning (Jn 2:12-16)Pastor Ralph NevinSERMON_LINK
07/02 AMYou're in God's Hands, Jn 10:22-30Pastor Ralph NevinSERMON_LINK
06/25 AMQuenching Your Thirst, Jn 7:37-39Pastor Ralph NevinSERMON_LINK
06/18 AMWhat's Your Style?Pastor Ralph NevinSERMON_LINK
06/11 PMSin of Balaam, Part 3 (Num 22)Matt AbbergerSERMON_LINK
06/11 AMBlind Man's Testimony (John 9:13-18)Pastor Ralph NevinSERMON_LINK
06/04 PMSin of Balaam, Part 2 (Num 22)Matt AbbergerSERMON_LINK
06/04 AMNow I See (John 9)Pastor Ralph NevinSERMON_LINK
05/28 AMThe Greatest Question (Luke 10:25-37)Pastor Ralph NevinSERMON_LINK
05/21 AMPaul's Charge to Timothy (2 Tim 4:1-7)Pastor Ralph NevinSERMON_LINK
05/14 AMA Mother's ChallengePastor Ralph NevinSERMON_LINK
05/07 PMSin of Balaam, Part 1 (Num 22)Matt AbbergerSERMON_LINK
05/07 AMThe Mission, (Jn 20:21-23)Pastor Ralph NevinSERMON_LINK
04/30 AMDealing with Discouragement (Jn 20:26-28Pastor Ralph NevinSERMON_LINK
04/23 AMDealing with Fear (Jn 20:19-25)Pastor Ralph NevinSERMON_LINK
04/16 AMThe Empty Tomb SpeaksPastor Ralph NevinSERMON_LINK
04/09 AMThe Cross (Jn 19:1-5)Pastor Ralph NevinSERMON_LINK
04/02 AMSon of the FatherPastor Ralph NevinSERMON_LINK
03/26 AMAnguish, Affirmation & AccomplishmentPastor Ralph NevinSERMON_LINK
03/19 AMBroken & Spilled Out (Jn 12, Mark 14)Pastor Ralph NevinSERMON_LINK
03/12 AMThe Good Shepherd (Jn 10:11-18)Pastor Ralph NevinSERMON_LINK
03/05 PMThe Sin Of Worry (Ma 6)Pastor Ralph NevinSERMON_LINK
03/05 AMLook And Live (Jn 3, Nu 21)Pastor Ralph NevinSERMON_LINK
02/26 AMLet's Lose The Weight (2 Pe 2:7-8)Matt AbbergerSERMON_LINK
02/19 AMA Religious Man Who Was Empty (Jn 6:1-10)Pastor Ralph NevinSERMON_LINK
02/12 AMA Fisherman's Story (Jn 6:16-21)Pastor Ralph NevinSERMON_LINK
02/05 AMIdols Of The Heart (1 Jn 5:21)Richard BernierSERMON_LINK
01/29 PMPictures Of Christ (He 9:9)Pastor Ralph NevinSERMON_LINK
01/29 AMAs Much As They Would (Jn 6:1-15)Pastor Ralph NevinSERMON_LINK
01/22 PMPrayer (Co 4:2-4)Pastor Ralph NevinSERMON_LINK
01/22 AMJesus Motivation: His Love For Us (Jn 13:1-11)Pastor Ralph NevinSERMON_LINK
01/15 PMMissions In Action 2 (Ac 14:21- 15:10)Pastor Ralph NevinSERMON_LINK
01/15 AMThe Trappers (Jn 8:3-11)Pastor Ralph NevinSERMON_LINK
01/08 PMMissions In Action (Ac 14:21-28)Pastor Ralph NevinSERMON_LINK
01/01 PMDepression: A Biblical StandpointMatt AbbergerSERMON_LINK
01/01 AMResolutions (Jn 15:4-7)Pastor Ralph NevinSERMON_LINK

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