We believe the Bible is authored by God who gave it to us through men. It is His communication to man and is inerrant in the original writings. By study of His Word, we understand that God exists as three persons, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. The universe, earth, and man were created by Him. Adam was created in innocence, and chose to sin, thereby passing a sinful nature to all men. God provided the only way of salvation as the Son took human form through the Virgin Birth in order to accomplish the forgiveness of sin through shedding His blood on the Cross. His physical resurrection proves His identity, and guarantees His power to save all who come to Him.

The Holy Spirit is at work in the world convicting individuals of the need for salvation. He dwells within believers, and through them, brings spiritual life to the church. His work includes opening the Scriptures to our understanding and enabling us to live by its teachings.

We believe that the Lord Jesus will one day return from heaven to rapture the church, i.e. instantly change all true believers and take them to heaven with Him. After a time of Tribulation on the earth, He will again come physically to earth to establish His kingdom which will last 1000 years. At the end of that time, He will free Satan for a short period to try one last time to lead rebellion. The Lord Jesus will defeat Satan, and send him, his angels, and all the unbelievers of the earth to a place the Bible calls the lake of fire. He will then bring the saved to heaven to live with Him forever.

As members of First Baptist Church of Calvert County, we know that we are all sinners and that we cannot be saved by trying to earn it. Salvation is a free gift. As undeserving recipients of that gift, we have the joy and exciting opportunity to live godly lives here on earth while knowing that we have a future home in heaven. We seek to share the good news of salvation at every opportunity.